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Our first order of Criterion Rifle Barrels is here.


 With 20 years’ experience, Criterion Barrels has achieved a reputation that has seen them set numerous National Records. These stainless buttoned rifled barrels shoot with the best across multiple disciplines.

The Criterion prefit barrels require minimal gunsmithing and we will be carrying the full range of prefit barrels with a fast twist.

In Howa and Tikka we will have barrels chambered from 223 Rem to 308 Win.

For Savage and Remington 700 we will stock 223 Rem through to 7mm Rem Mag and 300 Win Mag chambered barrels.

Contact your local shop for details. 

Powder Update

Powder Update

ADI estimated now early Feb. 2021


ADI have not yet confirmed their shipment to us but we are expecting it by early Feb. 2021.

As soon as it arrives we will get organized with delivery trips so we can bring you the 2217, 2213SC and 2209 you’re needing. Sorry, still no 2225.

ADI are changing their packaging. Most rifle powders will now come in a 1kg bottle instead of 500gms.

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Sadly, we've had to say goodbye to our lovely Jack.
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We are wholesalers to the trade and supply all hunting and outdoor shops in New Zealand. As wholesalers we cannot sell direct to the public, please direct ALL queries to your local store. Please note, many of our components are restricted from export as it’s against US government regulations. In most cases it is only possible to set up an account with us if you are a dealer in NZ.

We use Toll to send all ammunition and primers.

Corrosives and flammables must be sent separately.

Fastways will take some Class 3,8 and 9 DGs in the North Island only.

We must use Toll to send those items south.

Smokeless propellant must be delivered by us or collected. The legal limit is 15kg per vehicle. 10kg on the ferry. We don't know of any freight forwarders that will transport it at present.


Monday to Friday 09.00 to 17.00

Ordering can be done by Dealers Only.

Please contact your local shop with any queries.



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Please find MSDS links below for our products. In case of emergency please call 111National Poison C...
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Love to Jack

Love to Jack

JoElle 03/12/2017 0
 Sadly we’ve had to say goodbye to our lovely Jack. We’ll miss him terribly.        ...
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